The After School Program


Directed by Laura Henson

For Grades 1-5 Monday to Friday 3:00-5:00 (When Marshall County Schools are in session).

The Benton church of Christ conducts an AfterSchool Program Monday through Friday from 3-5pm for children 1-5 grade who attend Benton, Jonathon, or South Marshall Elementary schools. The AfterSchool Program is specifically designed for those children in the community who have working parents.

Each day the children follow a routine, which consists of homework, snack, game room/arts & crafts, Bible story, and gym or playground time. Church members, many of whom are retired teachers, volunteer to help children with their homework each day. After homework has been completed, children are served a snack in the gym. After having a snack, children move on to the game room where they can play board games, do arts & crafts, read books & magazines, work puzzles, and play Legos.

Once a week each child gets an opportunity to play video games or play at the game table, which consists of, foosball, air hockey, pool, and other games. Bible Story: Each day there is Bible story time for about 20 minutes. Children learn the books of the Bible, memory verses, Bible facts, and stories from the Old and New Testaments. After Bible story time the children play a game in the gym.

During gym time there is usually an organized game such as: Kickball Baseball Dodge Ball Prison Ball Capture the Flag Scooter Hockey Volleyball Children who do no want to play the game in the gym have the option of playing in the game room. However, if the weather is nice, everyone goes out to the playground.

Cost: Cost for the AfterSchool Program is $30 a month. For those families who have more than one child attending the AfterSchool Program the cost is $30 a month for the first child and $10 a month for the second child and following. This helps cover the costs of snacks and any other supplies needed. Our goal is not to make a profit but to provide children with a safe, Christian environment until their parents get home from work.

Contact Information: If you are interested in having your child attend the After School Program you may call our church office at (270) 527-3585

*Please note that it is possible your child/children will have to be put on our waiting list.










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