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Benton Church of Christ gives women in Marshall County and surrounding areas the opportunity to connect with an amazing cross-section of women from across the community. Each opportunity in our Women’s ministry is a chance to meet ladies of different generations, backgrounds and cultures, creating a unique atmosphere for socializing, networking and Christ-like bonding.

[accordion title=”Martha’s Kitchen”]

What we do: Take meals to the bereaved, sick,  and families with newborns.
Who we need: Women who are available to cook or deliver food.
Contact:  Ann Farley


[accordion title=”Sunday Night Children’s Class”]

What we do: We teach children’s classes during the Sunday evening services.
Who we need: Women who want to organize, prepare, and take meals to families or serve meals at the building for bereaved families.
Contact:Linda Janiec, Stacey Lutz


[accordion title=”Lord’s Supper Preparation”]

What we do: Prepare the Lord’s Supper for Sunday morning and Sunday night services.
Who we need: We help prepare the emblems prior to services and return them to the work room after services.
Contact:Carolyn Frazier


[accordion title=”Shower and Reception Rooms”]

What we do: We organize, inventory, clean & stock the shower supply room and maintain the reception room.
Who we need: We need ladies to help keep these rooms organized & stocked.
Contact:Karen Frizzell, Gail Lyles


[accordion title=”Nursery Attendants”]

What we do: We volunteer to attend the nursery during Sunday morning and evening worship services.
Who we need: We need ladies that love children and would be able to take care of babies and toddlers during the services.
Contact:Kelly Jones


[accordion title=”Kitchen Kleeners”]

What we do: We deep clean the kitchen on a monthly basis. Do we need to make this longer? Will that fix all my problems.
Who we need: We need ladies to clean the kitchen once a month, usually in a group of 2-4.
Contact:Sandra Stevenson


[accordion title=”Secret Sisters”]

What we do: We draw names for our “secret sister” who we will keep in close contact during the year with special notes and treats, and then be revealed at a special time at the end of the year.
Who we need: We need the ladies of this congregation who want to develop closer relationships with other Christian women.
Contact:Jane Hines & Sharon Stegall


[accordion title=”Monthly Devotional”]

What we do: We have two different groups that meet for a devo and fellowship. One, the Grace class, is open to women of all ages. The SISTERHOOD group is especially for our younger ladies.
Contact:Sandra Stevenson or Jennifer Simmons




Contact office@bentonchurchofchrist.com for more information!


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